Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey’s Parisian Tweets with Sarkozy

By Natalia Martinez


Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey paid a visit to French president Nicolas Sarkozy and in the process, invented the tweet-meeting.


It all started with this first tweet from Sarkozy’s Twitter account saying: “I will have the pleasure tomorrow of meeting Jack Dorsey, the founder of #Twitter. Welcome to France @jack.” (The NS initials mean Sarkozy himself tweeted the message). Here’s the original tweet:


About 40 minutes later, Jack Dorsey tweeted back:

Before meeting Sarkozy the next day, Dorsey also met with Socialist presidential candidate François Hollande and centrist François Bayrou. There was, of course, a Twitter exchange between Hollande to Dorsey. Bayrou also posted a tweet in advance of his meeting with Dorsey.

Later on, Dorsey tweeted his excitement to see the French president:

No one seems to know exactly all the details of the reunion, but we know this much: Dorsey helped Sarkozy with his strategy on Twitter by meeting with members of his social media team.


We know this because Sarkozy himself tweeted this picture, with the caption: “The snapshot of the campaign: @jack, founder of Twitter, with Sarkozy’s Internet campaign.”

Jack Dorsey (third on the right, with black suit), Twitter co-founder, meets with Sarkozy's Web campaign team at the Élysée.


After the meeting, Sarkozy tweeted the following:

“I was busy this afternoon with @jack  taking about numerous subjects: #NTIC, #referendum, #competitiveness #edemocracy -NS,” said Sarkozy’s tweet.


Dorsey then thanked Sarkozy:

Today, Dorsey posted a photo of his meeting with Sarkozy on Instagram:

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey posted this picture of his meeting with Sarkozy on Instagram.

Receiving Dorsey at the Élysée was definitely a good move for Sarkozy. The presidential candidate could benefit from Dorsey’s social media expertise, as well as his knowledge of new technologies. His advice could not only help improve the reach of his current presidential campaign, but also, his technological  policies and developments in France if he is re-elected as president.


A press release by the presidency today said that Sarkozy also “encouraged Twitter to open its offices in France, just like other international companies of the Internet sector who have chosen to establish their European activities in our country.” (Google and Microsoft are two of the companies that have based their European operations in France).


According to this AFP article (in french), Sarkozy said that France “should not become just a country of consumption of digital products, but also, a country of production of digital technology and of innovative use.”


Dorsey’s Parisian tour may also have something to do with his political aspirations, as he’s confessed his dream is to one day become mayor of New York City. Could becoming president of the United States also be a part of his dream? No one knows, but it sure helps to start building a relationship with some of the world’s major political figures.

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